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The preparation method of silver tungsten is powder metallurgy, and more than 60% of tungsten alloys produce more after soaking. Mainly used for low-voltage power switch, lifting switch, switch locomotive, high current switch contacts, heavy duty relays, air circuit breakers and other cobalt. All of these can improve the wet silver tungsten to reduce the contact resistance. Silver-tungsten alloy is hard to use as low-voltage power switch, lifting switch, locomotive switch, high-current switch pre-contact, and heavy-duty relays, air circuit breakers. Adding cobalt can improve the wettability of silver to tungsten and reduce the contact resistance.

Silver Tungsten material has good welding and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in industrial and domestic circuit breakers. Various types of silver tungsten provide higher silver with higher conductivity, and higher tungsten gives it greater erosion and solderability. In the actual production process, as long as the selection of the welding process is reasonable and the burning of the chemical composition of the welding seam metal and the infiltration of impurity elements are avoided, the quality and performance of the surfacing can be guaranteed under the premise of appropriate dilution control. In the course of use, this alloy precipitates out of the carbide phase and becomes brittle.

The silver tungsten materials are made of a higher tungsten content, which burns contacts for large low-voltage circuit breakers and carries a stable line-current molded case circuit breaker contact and various protective circuit breaker devices. These contacts can also be used for high current contact resistance contact welding and arc erosion.

Silver tungsten alloy electron tubes are often affected by temperature changes and strong vibrations. The pitch of the spiral wire is easily changed and even collided to make an electrical short circuit. The bare silk is coated with a layer of alumina powder to increase the strength of the spiral wire, reduce the embrittlement factor, and at the same time increase the insulation so that temperature fluctuations and mechanical vibrations do not cause the filament to collide and short circuit. Tungsten-antimony alloy wire used in the filament of the electron tube has a wide range of components.
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