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Tadalive.com was created based on the need to make online shopping more interactive. We are the first social network site with live video sales and e-commerce stores. Interact with casinos, retailers, and other principals across the world from the comfort of your home. Live video chat makes online shopping, gaming, and entertainment come alive with the richness of human interaction. Tadalive.com gives LIVE video the hub it deserves to showcase and connect all of the players in this emerging market. In addition Tadalive is positioned to corner the market on live video e-commerce. We help clients take advantage of existing and emerging market opportunities online. Tadalive provides custom online platforms for the gaming industry. We specialize in creating turn-key solutions for clients from the ground up or help integrate new features (like LIVE video interaction) with existing infrastructure. On the back end, Tadalive works with clients to create custom advertising platforms, market data collection, and cross platform Apps.



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