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by on October 8, 2021

Free and quick communication is the new trend that is shaping the digital era now. While big tech companies have been dominating the market for a long time, there is one platform that is safer now. It is none other than Signal. Android users have downloaded the instant messaging app more than 50 million times. Likewise, entrepreneurs can move forward in the digital era by launching a white-label Signal clone

Know the features of a Signal like encrypted messaging platform

  • Custom sound alerts - Frustrated of receiving notifications non-stop? An app similar to Signal sorts out that issue. Cybernauts can select custom alerts for every contact on their smartphones. Besides that, they can experience silence by pressing none as their notification ringtone. 
  • Flexible audio speed - Sometimes netizens may receive voice notes from their colleagues, family members, and friends. They can save time by modifying the audio speed. Social media buffs can tap on the play button and choose different speeds like 0.5, 1, and 2. Therefore, they can speed up or slow down their listening accordingly. 
  • In-built photo editing - Wish to send crystal-clear images to your near and dear ones? A Signal clone makes that possible. Cyber citizens can utilize options like crop, flip, and sketch for enhancing the quality of their photos. Is there anything special? Yes, users can tap a text tool to add words to their pictures. 
  • Multimedia sharing of content - Versatility is a highlight of an app like Signal. Users can send and receive emojis, GIFs, texts, photos, stickers, voice recordings, and videos 24x7x365. 

Wrapping Up

With privacy and safety being the first priority for Internet users, Signal is taking care of these aspects. It has made tremendous progress with its focus on multi-platform compatibility, numerous security measures, and the absence of advertisements. Entrepreneurs can make significant progress now. They can hire an app development company and come out with a white-label Signal clone soon.

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