by on February 6, 2022

The Sharpshooter is one of the favorite classes for beginners in Lost Ark. And its playstyle is determined by the Engraving class that players choose. Both classes of Engraving are possible, it really depends on what situation the player is in or what kind of build they want. On the one hand, when they had Death Strike, it was focused on burst damage builds that wanted to keep the bonus damage debuff on for as long as possible.

The playstyle of Loyal Companion is basically anti-burst, so players will want to not use self-destruct, but will want to keep summoning the Hawk for maximum sustained damage.

Both classes Engraving require specific builds. This includes other Engravings that players run in the class. To keep things simple without delving into a specific build, IGGM will provide an advanced build guide for Sharpshooter and Lost Ark Gold in the future. Lost Ark News by IGGM has a set of recommended engraving samples, which work well on both class Engraving builds.

As players know, The Sharpshooter focuses on crit damage and crit chance. So people’s builds, engraving and general playstyle should rely on Lost Ark Gold For Sale.

Lost Ark is now available in the West and Asia. If players want to adapt to Lost Ark and gain a big advantage quickly, they’d better rely on IGGM as soon as possible to learn enough useful knowledge and buy more Lost Ark Gold, which is the most effective method.

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