by on February 9, 2022

Today is February 9th, and now fans who love mmo have entered Lost Ark. They are a group of people who have pre-ordered the Lost Ark Founder’s Pack, and although the official release date of Lost Ark in the West is February 11th, they have a Head Start item that can get into the game three days early. And each level of Founder’s Pack also provides rich rewards to these players.

The game has been out in some regions since 2019, but finally made the leap to the West with the help of Amazon Games. Each Founder’s Pack includes basic items such as pets, auras, and in-game titles. Those who purchased the highest tier Platinum Founder’s Pack can buy almost anything from the in-game store. And once their characters reach certain level milestones, access to a ton of unlockable content.

If someone doesn’t want to pay anything for the game before Lost Ark launches, they can also wait until February 11th. These Founder’s Packs simply give Lost Ark fans a way to join early and potentially boost their accounts to a similar level to their alternate regional accounts. Or, they can follow

But if those who didn’t buy the Founder’s Pack want to quickly keep up with those priorities once they’re in the game, they’re better off Buy Lost Ark Gold through IGGM, or learning a lot of useful beginners through the site A Beginner’s Guide for Scholars, which is a powerful boost for them.

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