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Lost Ark has not been accessible for sale in Netherlands Lost Ark Gold and Belgium because of specific rules, even though the game has been to the West for months now. The game will be available on the 14th of July.

Amazon have announced they will be in attendance at TwitchCon Amsterdam! They say that they will be exhibiting on the expo floor, and encourage all attendees to make sure to stop by, say hello to The Community team and grab some Lost Ark merch if you're attending the event.

They will be in the expo center from 10 AM - 7 PM on July 16, 2017, on Saturday and 10AM - 6 PM on the following Sunday, July 17.

There'll also be a photo-op wall PCs for creators to reserve time to test the upcoming Arcanist Advanced Class before it launches in the July Update, and opportunities for content creators who want to sign-up to join The Lost Ark Creator Program.

But, this isn't the most exciting news that will be found at this expo. In conjunction with their presence to TwitchCon Amsterdam, Amazon will announce Lost Ark will be available for players in The Netherlands on Steam beginning July 14th.

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