by on October 11, 2021

Card rating
MyTeam mode is 2K’s way to match the ultimate team experience provided by Electronic Arts for its sports franchise. An important addition to NBA 2K22 this year is that you can grade your cards, which is consistent with the sports card collection craze that occurs in real life. Cards can get from 1 to 10 levels. The higher the card level, the more NBA 2K22 MT you will get when the player is in your lineup. Of course, grading comes at a price, but it is an ingenious addition to the model.

Beware of microtransactions
In the past five years, NBA 2K has changed and many fans will think it has become worse. In NBA 2K22, it hopes to let you get what you to pay for every moment. Of course, they can earn VC and MT Coins in the game, but the speed is so slow that it deliberately tempts you to spend real money, so you will not feel you are catching up. Understand this, although you spend more than $60 on the game, the more you play, the more you get. The purpose of microtransactions is to make you look as if you are the one who gets the most from the transaction.

Beware of scam sites
There are too many scam sites on the Internet to promote how cheap and fast the NBA 2K22 MT they provide is actually a lie. In particular, the most ridiculous u4gm, nba2king, aoeah, advertising in various places day by day, really annoying players. Many people find that their NBA 2K22 accounts have been deleted or banned after the transaction. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a 100% authentic and legal site to supplement 2K MT.

There are few professional and highly acclaimed professional sites like GameMS. Thousands of NBA 2K22 players have planned the correct development path and Buy NBA 2K22 MT because of it. If beginners are interested, you might as well try it. Keep a competitive heart!

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