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Like all forms of formal assignments, research papers also follow a specific format or layout. Dissertations have different parts because they make the paper easier to read and understand.

Introducing different divisions into a dissertation helps you concentrate on the main points. In addition, the separate parts of your research write my assignment create a strong outline for your dissertation.

The Structural Divisions of a Dissertation

A research paper includes the following structural divisions which are –

  1. The Title (Cover Page) – The first page of the dissertation should include the title, name, assignment date and the educational institution. You can check with your professor to include any additional details.   
  2. The Introduction – The introduction is the starting point of your research paper. It includes the thesis statement, a summarized version of your research objective, the problems you want to solve, and the solutions to achieve them. You can also seek statistics homework help from online websites.
  3. Literature Review – The literature review includes the theory portion of your research work. The literature review should include the sources and names of the appropriate authors with citations to their works (and the publication year). 
  4. Research Methodology – The research methodology portion should describe your research approaches to your dissertation. Some main approaches can include observations, experiments, and gathering statistical data. In addition, the research methodology section of the paper should help you to include your preferred methods.
  5. Data Analysis – This section of your research paper should include your analysis of data through your research work. You can include new data in the data analysis section to better understand the topic. But you should present your data in the data analysis section without analyzing it.
  6. Results – The results section should include the proper analysis of your research paper. But, the resulting analysis should be similar to the proposed method. Hiring a coursework help for the results section can be a good idea.  
  7. Conclusion – The conclusion section should combine the information collected from the thesis statement, methodology and the analyzed data. Collecting these three cues will provide the conclusion of your research work. 
  8. Reference Page – This section of your dissertation should include the academic sources and consulted publications. Again, following the pre-defined citation format assigned by your professor on your cheap essay writer is essential to help you.


It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the various parts of a dissertation. Following these formats can fetch you the top scores on your research paper. 

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