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There is a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV guide, players can view it here. Figuring out how to set up a free trial account and start creating characters is a more complicated process than players think.

The main scene task appears in the upper left corner of the screen and will constitute most of the Final Fantasy XIV leveling experience. Here, players will enjoy one of the best stories in Final Fantasy XIV, and its long and long setting will bring great FFXIV Gil in future expansions. Especially at present, Shadowbringers. Although the original A Realm Reborn story is known for being lengthy, I would never advise anyone to skip it, because it is an integral part of the place and people where Eorzea is set up, and of course it can also introduce the player to the seventh heir, Liming. , Who will be their strongest ally in the whole story.

Work missions are side missions required to unlock certain abilities for the player’s work. For new players, level 30 work missions will upgrade their initial career to a complete job itself. For example, archers can get their work stones. He became a bard after completing level 30 tasks.

The same blue icons that mark work tasks are also icons used to mark tasks that unlock different types of content, such as non-MSQ dungeons, trials, and raids. These also indicate optional content and functions, such as housing, handicrafts, and Final Fantasy XIV Gil. These should be the player's third priority, because unlocking them will give the player access to everything the game has to offer.


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