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 One of the many adventures that you can engage in when you are in OSRS is the Waterfall Quest. Before you do so there are a few aspects you'll require to know, so check out the following guide to Waterfall Quest OSRS.

 In this article, we will provide an overview of:

 Skills and item requirements

 How to complete the Waterfall Quest

 Waterfall Quest's Rewards

 With that being said let's look over the things you'll need to do when attempting the Waterfall Quest in Old School RuneScape.

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 Skill and Item Requirements

 Waterfall Quest can be considered as an intermediate quest. To begin, you will need to possess certain abilities and tools. It is a long quest, and although there are no quest requirements to begin it There are some things and skills you'll require to complete it.

 Qualifications for Skill

 In the beginning, you'll require to stand up to attacks from levels 86 Fire Giants, as well as level 84 Moss Guardians without using any of your equipment. You must ensure that your evasion is sufficient to withstand heavy damage.

 Take a look at our OSRS Combat Guide for tips on getting stronger.

 Item Requirements

 For the things you'll require, you'll need to gather Air Earth, Water, and Air Runes. It is recommended to have six of each, as well as rope. We recommend taking lots of food and necklaces to teleport for your convenience. These items are essential for anyone who wants to be ready for any sport, regardless of whether you're not a professional. An Ring of Dueling or Amulet of Glory may be useful if you have them.

 Waterfall Quest OSRS

 This quest tasks you with researching the deaths of the former Elven leaders. This takes you to Baxtorian's tomb of the elf King in which you'll discover the story behind the elusive treasures that are found in the area of the waterfall. Along the way you will be introduced to Baxtorian and embark on a quest to find hidden treasures. You'll face a variety of dangers and meet a variety of powerful enemies. But, if you've adhered to the skill and item requirements you will be able to make it through the game even as a novice player.

 The Waterfall Quest - OSRS

 You'll need to travel to the northern region of Baxtorian Falls to begin the quest. You can then converse with Almera. After that then you'll be able to board the raft. You will want to speak to Hudon, who is the son of Almera who lost his way in search of treasure under the Baxtorian Falls.

 Baxtorian: The Book

 There is a rock at the southern end of the island. It will require your rope to join the rock and then the dead tree. The barrel is reached by rope. Inside the northern building, you will meet Hadley, who serves as tourist guide to Lake Baxtorian, and will give you details about the area. After that, head upstairs to find the Book on Baxtorian. It will provide background on Baxtorian's treasure, and why it was hidden from view. Be sure to click Read Book about Baxtorian, and then close the book.

 Gaining access to Glarial's Tomb

 From here, go to the Tree Gnome Village maze and explore the Dungeon. You will find an crate on your right and to your left is the key. To unlock the gate, you'll have to head back to the west. You will be able to meet Golrie the gnome imprisoned who will offer Glarial's Pebble to you for his release.

 The next step is to go to Glarial's Tomb. Be sure to ensure that your possessions are secure and safe before you go. Head down the paths through the dungeon and you'll find an unmarked chest that has Glarial's Amulet inside. There is a Glarial's Urn in the coffin , if you turn back.

 Complete the Waterfall Quest

 Return to the place you left your belongings, and take the runes, rope, and Glarial's belongings that you have just found. It is also advisable to take food items to be prepared. After you've completed this, go back to Baxtorian Falls. Then get onto the raft. Utilize your rope to get between the the dead tree, but this time avoid getting into the barrel. Now you can equip Glarial's Amulet and walk through the door. After you're inside, take the left side of the road and search for a key inside the crates. Once you find it, head back to the right to find the door. The key can be used to unlock the door, however you must be cautious of the giants in flames that reside in the area.

 Inside, you will notice several pillars. It is necessary to put a Water Rune or Air Rune Earth Rune on every pillar. After that you can visit the statue. Put Glarial's Amulet on it, then discover the chalice to put the Glarial's Urn into it. Be awarethat if you click Take Treasure, you will be flushed out of the cave, so take care not to make that mistake.

 Quest Rewards

 You will be rewarded when you complete the Waterfall Quest. The completion of the quest will grant the player one Quest point along with 13750 Strength and Attack Experience. These are useful if you're focusing on levelling these two particular abilities. You will also receive two diamonds as well as two gold bars and 40 Mithril Seeds.


 You've now completed the Waterfall Quest in OSRS. The quest is a lengthy one, and it can be challenging for players with low levels even when there are no prerequisite for the quest prior to starting the quest. The best way forward is to buy the items recommended along with the items you'll require to actually complete it.

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