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by on February 17, 2022

The jaw-dropping growth of the metaverse has helped popular personalities to reach out to their followers. Importantly, national and international celebrities across different genres are coming out with exclusive collections on various platforms. Are you an entrepreneur keen to begin a revolution in the creator economy? Collaborate with social token creators now. 

Analyzing how community tokens function? 

Unquestionably, rivalry exists when music composers, actors, actresses, and influencers launch their rare NFTs. However, community tokens help celebrities to build their following. Fans need to buy these virtual assets from different crypto trading platforms and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Holders will receive access to branded merchandise, tickets and passes for concerts and performances. Moreover, they can also take part in one-to-one interaction sessions with their favourite personalities. 

Further, celebrities can also reward their most loyal fans with special goodies. It includes sharing a personal appreciation message and organizing a special event. People who own community tokens also receive real-time updates about upcoming NFT drops. Holders can vote on proposals. They can influence the celebrity’s choices to create and release new albums and songs. 

Is crowdfunding the future of Community Tokens? 

Talented artists can take their careers to the next level by organizing crowdfunding campaigns. For instance, fans can support these content creators by buying digital tokens. Generally, performers can sell content like unreleased albums, new songs, rare snaps, and videos of their dubbing and recording sessions. Later, investors can render financial assistance for these artists by transferring funds from their software wallets. They will also receive alerts when the required money is raised. 

In the long run, content creators will receive advantages like the removal of intermediaries, greater fan following, and hassle-free promotion of their talents. 

Wrapping Up

Exclusiveness, rare, and authenticity are the 3 attributes that have helped NFTs become the talk of the whole world. Wish to take advantage of the Web 3.0 era? Connect with a social token development platform company now.

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