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Vacuum Conversion to Tire Shine and Air

A lot of car washes - especially self serve washes have a vacuum or two that are poor producers of revenue. It is not that the vacs are not functioning well, but that perhaps there are too many on the premises or these vacs are further away from the more accessible vacs.

The best alternative for these vacs is to transform this vac into a "new revenue source". It only take an hour or two to change this vacuum to vend tire shine and air. You will be provided new decals, the vac will look refreshed and you now have the opportunity to make more money with this vac. You have something new to sell.

Our new Tire Shine/Air machine looks like the other vacs so it blends well. The tire shine and air combo is a natural idea - the customer is applying tire shine and then notices the air hose. If he need air then it is there for him.

Some washes choose to move this new revenue source to another location on the premises - which is a good idea.

Consider this change, provide something new to your wash, give customers something else to buy.

How can you go wrong ?

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About Company:-

Crown Car wash started business in 1985 as a full service operator with a full service tunnel operation, including six self serve bays. Later another site was purchased with twelve self serve bays.

In the years since I have developed customized car wash equipment that greatly improves standard equipment and improves profit. I've also learned which chemicals and chemical combinations work best.

Take the guesswork out of your car wash business and improve your bottom line with car wash equipment and chemicals from Crown Car Wash Equipment and Distributing.

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