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MMO is a multiplayer game. For some single players, if they want to start New World but do not have friends and clans, can they still have fun and progress? The answer is yes. There is almost nothing in New World that cannot be completed by one player, but the most important thing is to prepare enough New World Coins, which will make the game for single players easier.

The battle can be managed separately. Unless the players are very careless, they can only easily fight one or two enemies at a time. As long as the players do not deliberately attract hatred from the group, they do not need to fight many enemies. Or they can buy New World Coins to improve themselves, so they don't have to be afraid when facing enemies. Players can set up a camp near almost any encounter. If they die and no one is resurrected, they can simply resurrect there and continue their mission.

Players can also make progress during a large number of non-combat activities in New World. They can get a lot of XP by acquiring materials, whether through logging, mining, hunting, harvesting, or fishing, they can also use these materials for armor, jewelry making, cooking, alchemy, smelting, and others. If players lack some rare materials, they can also buy New World Coins to get the items they want. These do not require a team, in fact, it is better to be single, so that no one will steal their mines or skin their prey.

Everyone must join one of the three factions in the game, but again, this does not require a team game. Players can upgrade in their respective factions through endless missions. This does not require a team, and players can also get some RPG New World Coins from it, which is very useful. If players join the company, they will form an alliance with a particular faction, but they can join the faction and benefit from it without joining the company (clan). Almost everything you "need" a team is either very optional, or the game will make it relatively easy to get a team.

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