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You can certainly earn more money when you work with Glacors. However, there are a couple of OSRS gold disadvantages. Glacors pose a far higher risk of dying. Actually, it's not all that difficult to stay alive but Barrows are a joke in that department tongue.png The second reason is that if you do not have luck, you're probably not earning money.

In Barrows the items on average may be valued at 700k/piece, or whatever, you're also making quite a amount of money from running. My last barrows streak, I made about 6 million in barrows's equipment. I then looked at my runes, and those were some 2.5M. Thus, you're constantly earning profit, whereas with Glacors it is very difficult to make cash until you've gotten a boot drop or enough fragments for the Armadyl Battlestaff.

The choice is yours, personally I prefer Barrows because it's more convenient. Other gold? Really? Barrows is the only semi-rewarding, non-mind-numbing activity that provides a fairly certain amount of income. I'd recommend it over other options. Otherwise , I'd encourage you to work toward completing quests as often as you can.

They are in the desert. Right? Do they need a shanty pass? I was watching a video on players the ability to sell specified items to an NPC and also purchase them back as items. Am I forgetting anything? Are there any other suggestions?

Just made the account, it took me a while as I was helping out a friend and made about 5m from it. I'm going to try and transfer the money through drop trading however, I'm not certain whether it will allow me. Because I don't have girl friends playing I'll go by asking someone online to buy runescape 3 gold help me transfer the money.


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