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Marauder class mainly relies on the role of strength in the game. So, this class is excellent at dealing damage. It is based on melee skills and deals with high damage to a single target. Although the marauder class is good at single target damage, it can deal with damage in a certain area if built properly. Or players can Buy POE Currency to help hone their best builds.

The Broken Blade Blast Chieftain Build. It related chieftain ascendancy to fire damage and totems in the game. Also, this ascendancy does a lot of damage to the penetration ability with regeneration and life leech. Combining this class with Blade Blast’s stats will give players too much damage. But Blade Blast should be paired with a generator like Bladefall. It’s good in every way and one of the most powerful of all classes builds.

Blade Blast combines with Bladefall, Blade Vortex and Ethereal Knives to create detonable blades called “Lingering Blades”. Unleash Support and Spell cascade work well with Blade fall to spawn the maximum number of blades per cast. Even for defensive, this build is pretty good. In fact, players can also prepare enough POE Orbs to make a great build.

By using Glancing Blows, players can block as much damage as possible, taking 60% less damage. With a plethora of Armor, Dodge, and Physical Damage Reduction, players can go head-to-head with their enemies. So even if they are not in the best position, they can get away with it. If players want to reduce the damage they take, they can buy Path of Exile Currency at POECurrency to get some useful gear. Try it!

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