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Final Fantasy XIV has always been proud of having countless different mounts for players to venture in the world. Final Fantasy XIV Eurekan Petrel Mount is one of them, it has gorgeous beauty and the same cuteness factors. When the player sits on top to guide Eurekan Petrel Mount, the wings of this magnificent creature divide the sky in two. This article will tell players how to get FFXIV Gil.

Eurekan Petrel Mount has a lot of legends. Interestingly, of all the species of petrel known in the world, Eurekan Petrel Mount is the only species that is not petrel, but a giant sea slug. It has the ability to fly, which fascinates those who want a more comprehensive understanding of the true nature of Yurican Haiyan.

First of all, players can obtain this attractive mount in two main ways. The first one is obtained through a gold box with a specific "Eureka Infamous Monster" reward. The completed quest line is called "Eureka", once the player reaches level 70 and first completes the main story of Final Fantasy XIV, it can be unlocked in Kugane.

By completing the "rabbit" FATEs in Hydatos to unlock the gold box, the player will be guided by the cute rabbit to a hidden box. Specifically, Eurekan Petrel Mount will drop, and players can summon FFXIV Gil For Sale in this way.

Players can also use another method to obtain mounts, in other words, directly purchase. However, due to the rarity of the mount, this may cost players millions of FFXIV Gil.

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