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What players can expect in recent days is a Path of Exile update 2.01 patch from Grinding Gear Games, but players may not get some new content from it. As with all new expansion rollouts, it won’t be smooth sailing. There are more or less bugs and areas for improvement in the game. This is also the reason many players Buy POE Currency to improve their gaming experience. Here are some improvements and bug fixes.

Archnemesis Improvements and Bug Fixes. Added a drop-down list of discovered recipes to the Archnemesis panel, showing the modifiers that make up a particular recipe and whether the recipe is currently achievable. This drop-down menu can filter players’ current modifier set to find modifiers used in the selected recipe. Archnemesis recipe highlighting is now everywhere, not just in encounters.

This patch also updates the description of the Vampiric Archnemesis Modifier, stating that Monster cannot be Leeched from. Fixed a bug where modifiers used in previous Archnemesis encounters within the same area could appear as if they could be used again. Fixed a bug where modifier highlighting would not update when swapping positions in the Archnemesis inventory.

Fixed a visual bug where Mysterious Orbs challenge it displayed requirements as Grand Eldritch Ember and Grand Eldritch Ichor instead of Exceptional Eldritch Ember and Exceptional Eldritch Ichor. Fixed a bug in Act 2 where the Grasping Vines skill used by monsters with the Treant Horde Archnemesis modifier and Spriggans would disable the travel skill. If players encounter difficulties in the challenge, they can also buy Path of Exile Currency at to improve their strength to deal with it easily.

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