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Slaying the beastly behemoths that roam the wild lands of Dauntless is no easy task, so you’ll need some decent gear if you wish to make it back in one piece. Phoenix Labs’ monster slaying title is absolutely brimming with all kinds of toothy terrors for players to track down and slay, so it’s only natural that there is a bountiful amount of armour and gear that can be crafted.

Armour in Dauntless is divided into four parts: the Head, Body, Arms, and Legs - but it may as well be "Piece 1", "Piece 2", "Piece 3", and "Piece 4", because there's no intrinsic difference between any of them. Much like in Monster Hunter, they all contribute to a total armour value (called Resistance in Dauntless) which protects every part of you. So you won't be penalised by an attack hitting you on a certain point where you don't have any armour.

We’ve picked out a few armor sets in Dauntless that we believe have the most useful perks you can get a lot of mileage out of.

Resistant against Fire and weak against Shock damage, the Embermane armor set has some insanely good perks that are based around dodging and evasiveness.First off, the Fireproof perk will prevent you from being set on fire, which is nice, since you’ll never have to waste time rolling around. However, the Evasion and Evasive Fury perks are the ones you really want.Evasion grants you temporary invincibility while dodging, while Evasive Fury increases your attack speed after dodging. It’s a great armor set to be paired with fast weapons like the Chain Blades.

The Rezakiri armour set is one of the best sets in the entire game due to its high offensive capabilities and the number of Cell Slots it has. For example, the two Technique Cells allow you to gem in powerful perks like Molten, Evasive Fury, and Predator – in fact, these skills alone make up for this set’s complete lack of Power Cell slots. The Light’s Walk greaves reduce the stamina consumed when dodging, making both Predator’s overall damage increase and Evasive Fury’s bonus attack speed incredibly potent when weaving in and out of attacks.

t's important to remember that all Dauntless armor sets comprise of four pieces in total: your helmet, greaves, gauntlets, and chest piece. All four armor items combine to make any of the sets we've detailed above, and when this happens, the full armor set will provide you with the bonuses and weaknesses that we've listed above.

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