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Although Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas has brought more new content to players, it is not perfect. Many players have prepared enough POE Currency to have a better experience in the game, but there are still many bugs that make it feel bad. Fortunately, GGG changed the game in time. Here are some improvements and bugs about the game.

The Dancing Dervish Unique Item triggered the Manifest Dancing Dervishes skill and now gets Rampage kills when minions hit Rare or Unique Enemy.
Lilly Roth no longer reminds players that time and tide wait for no one when saying goodbye to her from the hideout. Fixed a bug preventing Shift+V from undoing Expedition explosive placements.
Fixed a bug where Metamorph monsters would sometimes fail to kill.
Fixed a bug where desecrating some monsters would cause their death effects to be cast.

Fixed a bug where Auras powered by Eternal Blessing would not disable Pride or Flesh and Stone.
Fixed a bug where auras granted by Death’s Oath and Corona Solaris Unique Items could be supported by Divine Blessing. Death’s Oath’s description has also been updated to clarify that it triggers Death Aura, not grants it.
Fixed a bug where the AI of minions summoned by The Dancing Dervish could cause players to switch between targets multiple times quickly.

Fixed a bug where Empower and Enhance support gems could affect unlinked skill gems.
Fixed a bug where Primal Aegis could be intercepted from the Bastion of Elements Ascendancy Passive Skill.
Fixed bug where Crusader prefix modifiers that increase maximum Lightning Resistance could still be got on Shields and Quivers.

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