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by on February 28, 2022

Day one of the John Madden Memorial Shack Staff Super Challenge will begin today beginning at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET and Madden 22 coins will be streamed on Shacknews' Shacknews Twitch channel. Since today is the very first day of competition, we've got a handful of games scheduled. Here are the matches scheduled for today:

Game 1: Ozzie Mejia (Chargers) vs TJ Denzer (Chiefs)

Game 2: Donovan Erskine (Ravens) vs Asif Khan (Browns)

Game 3. Dennis White (Bears) and Chris Jarrard (Buccaneers)

Shacknews Co-EIC Blake Morse will be also playing in this tournament as the Las Vegas Raiders, but was fortunate to get a bye week and will instead play the lowest seed in the opening round at the start of the tournament.

You can say whatever you want about the state of this Madden franchise (we'll certainly be talking about it many times), but you can't undervalue its impact on gaming culture, and that all started with the legendary coach and announcer himself. In the John Madden Memorial Shack Staff Super Challenge will continue next week at the same point as The Shack Staff Super Bowl taking place on Tuesday, February 10.

This week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and Madden NFL 22 cover athlete Tom Brady announced that his career in the National Football League had come to an end. The announcement of Brady's retirement comes as a huge disappointment to some, and a relief for almost everybody else. Regardless of how you feel about Brady his character, he is without doubt one of top players to ever play the field. However, Brady was anything but an assured bet when he was drafted for the Patriots in the year 2000. His early quarterback rankings in EA's Madden franchise reflected that, but buy Mut 22 coins throughout time, the number was drastically altered as Brady proved himself time and over.

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