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Are you keen on photography, music, or digital art? Luckily, there are several premium iPhone apps available. But how do you know which one you should go for? Well, this post will discuss several of them worth the penny you are going to spend. Have a walkthrough to avoid putting your hard-earned money meaninglessly.

For a particular interest of yours, many fully functional iPhone apps include several unique features – for fun and other interests as well. In paid apps, iPhone users can find many features like offline access, syncing devices, no ads, and much more.

Below we are going to discuss a few of the iPhone apps that are worth the money.




If you are not a graphic designer but looking for someone who is, Canva can be your best companion. This app includes templates for social media, videos, infographics, logos, and more. With premium subscriptions at $12.99 per month or $119.99 annually) you get access to templates, images, and additional editing options like background remover and resizing tools as well.


Headspace can be a good choice for those planning to start meditation. In this app, you will find courses and meditations for all sorts of situations. Options like full sleep option wind-down meditations are available. Sleep music and guided exercise are also provided. You can take subscriptions of $12.99 per month or $69.99 for a year.


Get some support and education related to a healthy life. No app will guide you to shed some weight and help you eat more other than Noom. There are many pricing options. You can select them based on your preferences.


With the Paprika app, you can save many good recipes online. This is the app that allows you to save recipes all over, and you can even add your own recipe too. Paprika has grocery lists, from recipes to meal planners, and can sync across devices. When users are in a recipe, they are free to adjust the serving size, convert measurements, and access one-tap timers while following the instructions.


Download the Peloton app and have a great workout. You can download it whether you have or haven’t a Peloton product. With a subscription of $12.99, this app offers workout options like cycling, treadmill workouts, and Cardio. Outdoor running, meditation, and many more.


This app is perfect for astrophotography. With this app, users will easily know where and when to capture the perfect cosmic moment. It is available at the Apple app store at $10.99.


This app allows users to identify all kinds of indoor and outdoor plants. You can set care reminders and diagnose anything that’s going on. With an annual subscription of $29.99, the app will give you complete plant care guides and advice from botanists too.


On this app, iPhone users get to see a catalog of their dreams. Classes nurturing creativity will help you turn your passion into a profession. Or you can get hooked on a new hobby as well. Though some types are free, you can take a premium membership at $167.88 to access all the classes.


Do you want to know what’s literally written in the stars? SkyView is the app that will tell you everything. The app will let you identify individual stars, constellations, planets, and more. An AR view enables you to see the information directly from your actual view. You will find many features in it, like adding a widget to get notifications about upcoming celestial events and others.


No matter where you are, the 5-minute journal app will help you improve your day and your whole life. This app gives daily notifications and guided prompts and syncs across devices like iPhones, iPad, and Apple watch. While the accessible version of the app also offers lots of features, you can go for a premium starting at $4.99 per month to add photos/videos, create your prompt questions, track your mood and do a lot more.


Blek has so many things for gamers and non-gamers as well. App users get to draw a line and connect all the color dots on the screen. Though everything is simple, you can find this game simply addictive.


If you want to add a minor touchup to your photo, go for the Facetune app. This app allows users to fix flaws. You can do it in one fell swoop or several small steps. Please note you don’t need to have photoshop skills to use it. The OG version of this app comes with a one-time-only payment option.


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