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With our real-time controls, you can achieve the perfect amount of "Phatness" and "Life" for any track or stem, while still maintaining high-quality audio. And that's not all – our advanced technology also enhances the drum transients, giving your tracks the weight and impact they deserve. Audio mixing is the stage where each of your song’s separate instruments and sounds can be treated and processed individually. They then combine into a singular stereo mixdown ready for mastering.

We provide free submission tools to really start getting that money rolling in. Master songs from your web browser, desktop app or mobile app, and use the bounce folder and preference presets to simplify your process. I may give advice on the track, which will help me get the best result for you. Please examine our upload page before sending us your project and send us the split tracks so that we can work on each one separately. To get your download, you pay $1.49 per minute of audio, an average of $4 per song, without subscription fees or extra features. Again, you can get started with the platform for free, but you’ll have to pay to download your master.

You can’t choose any pre-established styles and can’t preview your track before downloading. However, it’s free and offers an easy-to-use solution for those looking to find out how their music would sound with proper mastering. With mastering.Studio, you can upload up to 100 tracks, which will be stored for 12 months. You can only download your master three times, so make sure you back up all your songs or be ready to pay for additional downloads. Our service stands out as one of the best out there due to its unique blend of ai efficiency with our personal, professional mastering style.

Mixing and mastering services are essential for any artist or recording team that is looking to achieve success in their career. From vocal to instrumental, mixing and mastering services are needed to ensure that the final product sounds professional and polished. With accurate mixing and mastering, artists can plan their releases and submit their songs to record labels much easier. The more advanced the task, the more important it is to choose a proper mixing and mastering service. On a professional level, our mixing and mastering services can help you meet or exceed your quality expectations.

Our blog “preparing digital masters for vinyl production” covers this in much greater detail. Please provide detailed notes when submitting mixes for mastering, such as full song titles, album, single or ep title, band name, track listing, isrc codes (if using) and preferred final format. For example, mixing and mastering cd or digital file format such as .Wav, .Aiff, and so on. Please also provide any relevant information regarding cross-fades, segues, fade in’s/out’s and length of gaps between songs. You can also provide direction on the type of sound you are looking for and any relevant reference material. Audio mastering is the process by which a mixdown is enhanced in order to prepare it for cd/vinyl/digital format duplication/replication.

It’s also a great solution for artists looking to make their demo tracks sound great before sending them to a record label. Once you have a foundation of unrelenting quality built into the systems of audio mastering a knowledgeable mastering engineer can respond to what is revealed in a music mix. The engineer can apply the primary functions of the equipment such as equalization or dynamic adjustments. My own explanation of audio mastering is that it is a synergy of numerous factors. These include long term professional audio engineering and listening experience.

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