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The new game also comes with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay this season. FC Mobile has been free to play since its release. For existing players, EA SPORTS FC Mobile will be released as a free update without a need to re-download to devices.

The latest announcement regarding EAs FC Mobile included the following new features: FC 24 Mobile can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones via your specific app store. The download size for the app is 524.1 MB. Click do download FC 24 Mobile for Android.

There are plenty of new features in FC 24 Mobile. 

True Player Personality:The world’s most recognizable players come to FC 24 Coins life with True Player Personality. Authentic running styles, penalty kick stances and celebrations for certain players, all bring EA SPORTS FC MOBILE to a new level of authenticity.

Dynamic Game Speed:Mobile-first and tactile game speed, allowing for more player personality and attribute impact on the pitch.Elite Shooting System:Revamped shooting system allows impact players to show up on the scoresheet and make their mark. 

Feel rewarded when you make smart shooting decisions both inside and outside the box, on buy EAFC 24 Coins a cross, or off the volley. Take control of your favorite attackers and rally your team to victory.Impact Controls:Power Shot:Unleash a high-powered shot that leaves keepers clawing at air. 

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