by on October 15, 2021

Considering its genre, New World doesn’t have a class system. Instead, players are encouraged to build and customise their characters however they want. To do this, players need to level up to unlocked points that can be used to increase personal attributes – Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. You’ll also be able to increase your mastery of certain weapons and trade skills, depending on how frequently you use them. As per the genre, you’ll level up your character by completing quests and expeditions, killing mobs, and Buy New World Coins.

Players will be required to pick the faction that they wish to join, which includes the military force of the Marauders, the secretive Syndicate, or the religious fanatics of the Covenant. Aligning yourself with one of these factions will determine who you’ll face off against in PvP settings, while also giving you perks when in settlements or territories that are controlled by your faction.

New World doesn’t have dungeons, it has “expeditions” – but a dungeon by any other name is still a dungeon. These PvE scenarios will pit a group of 3 to 5 players against Corrupted forces, which will reward them with loot and gear unique to Buy New World Coins.

You’ll also be able to take on missions after joining a faction. Outside of PvE encounters, New World will have PvP-focused battles, like Outpost Rush. Located in a primordial river basin, Outpost Rush will set two factions of 20 players each against one another, with the aim of gaining control of strongholds and strategic resources.

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