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Here's everything you NBA 2K MT should know about resolving Error 4B538E50. 4B538E50 within NBA 2K23. To learn more about the basketball juggernaut, be sure to read the related articles below. In the meantime, you can follow our many tips on how to perform the pick and roll, fake pass, and how to fight off calls to enhance your NBA 2K23 experience even more enjoyable.

This must be a record-breaking mark? Preloads are now rolling out to players to download the PS5 version of NBA 2K23, and the game weighs an impressive 143GB. This means that it's going to take up less than a third of the space available on a new console, assuming you haven't installed an additional SSD but. The basketball sim is renowned for its huge install size, but it usually tops at around 100GB.

This year's release does seem especially large to be honest. It includes a Michael Jordan-themed campaign mode, which features documentary-style interludes. Additionally, it has several commentators for its era appropriate Franchise mode, which means the play-by-plays change as you progress through the decades.

While it's a massive package overall, 2K Sports is going need to cut these dimensions down over time. For now however, this game is an absolute monster therefore if you're planning to Buy NBA 2K MT play the game on the day it launches ensure that you take the time to download all the files. It's a good thing, because you're likely to need it!

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