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"Ultimately, realism equals an improved game," says Gareth Eaves, senior animation director at EA who was the leader of FUT 22 Coins the session remotely. "We wanted to do it for a long time, but the technology hadn't been developed."

EA generally uses actors, optical capture and sometimes a star footballer like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to make new animations. But it involves a small space with just one or two players at a time - which makes it difficult to attack the ball in a fast pace or move passes from one wing to the other. Motion-captured games that are restricted in their play such as keepie-uppies and one-on-one dribbles, must be adapted by FIFA animators into fluid movements that mimic eleven-a-side games.

The cameras are now gone. The motion capture stage has been abandoned. Only the Xsens suits remain. "One of the problems had been drift - we'd know which joints of the players were relative to each other however, not with respect to a point in the space," Eaves explains. 

In terms of virtual reality this meant that players who ran around would return ten metres away from their starting point. The game-changing feature of EA's is the LPS system, which is a local positioning system. LPS beacons were installed in the stadium, in lieu of GPS satellites. Players were equipped with motion sensors attached to their chests.

This enabled high-quality video to finally be captured during a football match. Eaves claims that teams from Spain's third tier were chosen because of their historical rivalry. Both are professionally-run, well-coached teams with an incredible method. They play possession-based football with buy FIFA 22 Coins control and finesse . This is great for video games as we need it to be quick and fun."

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