by on March 10, 2022

Lost Ark was a tremendous success when it launched in South Korea and has since been released in Russia and Japan, but apparently doubled the number of Western releases this year. Many players buy Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game. English-language publisher Amazon Games announced that Lost Ark now has over 20 million users worldwide, with over 10 million Lost Ark players currently from North America, Europe, South America and Australia.

On the second day of Lost Ark’s release, it had 1,325,305 concurrent players, and as of today has taken the number one spot. That said, the number of blatant robots wearing the same outfits and following the same paths between task providers has increased in recent weeks. These robots will share resources with players, so many players can only choose to spend Lost Ark Gold to get the resources they want.

Earlier this month, Amazon Gaming announced it would ban over 1 million accounts running bots, but they can still be seen in hubs like Luterra Castle and Prideholme. This problem is waiting for Amazon to solve it completely, which will affect players’ desire to buy Lost Ark Gold. In addition, if some players are tired of upgrading, they can buy Lost Ark Boosting.

The Western version of Lost Ark does not yet contain all the content of the current Korean version, with more to come in the coming months. Players can expect more storylines and endgame events from Lost Ark in March. While waiting, players can go to the IGGM website. They will give players cheap Lost Ark Gold and some game news. This is the seller of value that every Lost Ark player goes to trade.

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