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Monday blues chasing you like a monster? The escape key lies in looking fabulous by choosing the perfect office outfit in which you are going to eventually drown your deadlines in. Like every other industry, the workwear fashion is ever-evolving as well. Therefore, Madame is keeping a track of all those ‘IT GIRL’ office outfits to save you from the never ending morning hustle. 

The good news in the corporate town is that a specific dress code is mostly not the issue anymore, which gives you the freedom to experiment with fun and chic styling. But you need to have the office capsule closet by following the trend to carry an interesting outfit every other day. Before you do that, you need to be aware of what silhouette complements your body type and then dress accordingly. Not to worry, Madame will have you add tons of clothing into the cart once you visit and explore Glamly. 

Crisp Shirt With The Tailored Trousers

The Old is gold phrase is justified in the workwear realm by the classic pair which is trousers and shirt. The black trousers with a solid shirt never disappoints for formal occasions. Nevertheless, the features have changed with time and trend, like the fit of the trousers which includes wide leg, straight fit, flared and more, the story of shirt is mostly for length, silhouette or print. For a polished office look, pair a beige, black or white trouser with an embellished black, tweed adorned beige or baby pink shirt respectively. 

Dress to Impress

Sheath Dresses used to scream office wear before the whole new comfort with style concept came swooping in. It now depends on the occasion or your preference, the kind of dress you are looking forward to wearing. A bodycon with a mock neck happens to be equally professional  as well as comfortable.  If you need something flowy yet sophisticated to wear, you can opt for a fit and flare dress in soft colors especially in summers. 

Power Dressing Through Co-Ord Set

Shout out to the trend of co-ord sets because of the amount of options it showers you with be it formal, casual or semi-formal. Talking professionally, it offers a blazer with trousers,  joggers with shirt, dress or skirt with blazer, and much more. Co-ord sets, if styled right, can be a great option for presentations, events or meetings.  Accessorize with dainty and minimal jewelry along with the footwear options being pumps, kitten heels belly or a stiletto. 

As you navigate through the labyrinth of monday blues and the whirlwind of workday challenges, remember that your office attire serves as your armor, your beacon of confidence. At Madame, we understand the transformation of fashion especially for the corporate universe. Our mission is not just to keep the pace of the ever-changing trend but to curate a collection that speaks for you to make a bold statement in the boardroom. So, whether you are conquering deadlines or commanding attention in your presentation.

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