by on March 11, 2022

In Lost Ark, existing classes and armors will remain, but new options will give players more flexibility in their builds. This will stimulate players’ desire to buy Lost Ark Gold to upgrade their characters.

The massive fantasy MMO Lost Ark is hugely popular, but not without its problems, including that its classes are gender-locked: Warriors are male, Mage is female. This is an old-school approach, and it doesn’t work anymore. Amazon is trying to address this situation by adding “advanced classes”, which are specializations that make both male and female characters usable across occupations.

Lost Ark’s more advanced courses with better gender balance will continue to roll out. Players can look forward to it, and while waiting, they can also prepare more Lost Ark Gold to take part in the game. Players buy Lost Ark Boosting, which can help their characters level up quickly.

Amazon is working to resolve complaints about the Lost Ark revealing female armor set, and the existing armor won’t change, but the game’s marketing and character creation screens will be tweaked so more revealing options won’t be front and center. Players also want more good looking armor sets to come online so they can get their favorite sets for Lost Ark Gold.

Lost Ark originally launched in South Korea in 2019, but won’t make it to the West and Europe until February 2022. It was an instant hit and has held up well for the month since, while online player counts remain in the high six figures. Many players choose to trade with IGGM when they need more Lost Ark Gold. This is a professional seller and also provides the latest news and tips.

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