by on August 31, 2021

As a main player of the Portland Trail Blazer, he performed very well last season. Let's take a look at his score in NBA 2K22.

CJ McCollum:

NBA 2K21 — 86

NBA 2K22 — 86

Some people may say that he can provide a good example of McCollum's performance on the court, so its score should be able to improve by one or two points this season, so some people will dispute his predicted score. The player is 29 years old, but this season will probably be the season with a higher rating in his career. In his NBA season, this season doubled his efficiency. At present, he is still working hard in this state of mind. Although it may not have changed much, his rebound frequency is basically the same as usual.

There are still some ways to improve McCollum's ability, regardless of his rating in video games, and his appearance is Buy 2K22 MT mainly due to last year's shot diet. Because of its performance in the playoffs is not particularly good, so that his promotion is still somewhat hindered. McCollum and Damian Lillard need to change the balance of the lack of backcourt defense during the game, so as to improve their game in the NBA playoffs to astronomical numbers, or at least significantly higher than the regular season. If only the latter conditions are fulfilled, McCollum, as the top 30 players, may be shaken in this position.

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