by on October 18, 2021

Because of the application of patch 1.02, New World is currently in the middle of extended downtime. This is the second time it has released the game since it was released, and many issues have been resolved. Amazon said it is paving the way for the upcoming server transfer feature, which they believe is their top priority, even if it takes a while to arrive, and will not allow transfers between gaming areas as they initially said. Many players have already bought New World Coins, so they all hope to have a very good gaming experience.

As for the actual content of the 1.02 patch notes, there are some quite important changes here, including solving one of the most common PvP problems. Here is everything players need to know. New World canceled the increase in the influence of the attacking faction and reduced the decline in the influence of the defensive faction. In fact, it was tapped to exceed expectations. The result of this should be that it takes more time to transform the territory into a state of conflict, so the frequency of wars should be reduced, and it required more effort to activate them. A wonderful change, if it works fine. If players want to increase their strength, they’d better prepare New World Coins.

Territorial influence will no longer sometimes reset after an invasion. An issue has been fixed, restricting the types and quality of loot that can be dropped from worlds in game modes and treasure chests. The production bonus will now correctly apply its lowest expected value. Players can no longer overflow settlement storage due to expired contracts. More players are more inclined to buy New World Coins. After being overly hindered by logging, they will no longer stammer. Hapless Homestead will now have enough missions to actually meet the faction mission requirements. Marshjaw will now respawn faster. The number of wild boars on Wild Boar Island will no longer be twice the expected number, thus weakening the leather farm. Fixed an issue where decorations did not change color correctly during the war. Fixed incorrect posture when previewing items in the store, and the preview does not work when the player wields a weapon.

These are the major changes, and perhaps the most important are the changes in war. They should happen less frequently and require more effort to start. Except for QoL additions or features, everything else may be a bug fix, but it is not surprising for this new game, because there are a million minor issues that need to be fixed. Amazon’s Lumberyard engine, despite all the development issues, seems to be easy to quickly change through these fixes, which is very promising. Before that, players can buy RPG New World Coins to increase their gaming experience.

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