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There are plenty of ways to boost character abilities in The Elder Scrolls Online, but when it comes to short-term consumables, potions have the upper hand. There are options for almost every important effect a player can think of, so they are useful in most PVP and PVE environments in this MMO video game. So many players will buy ESO Gold to get more potions.

Potions can also be got through crafting skills. To craft a potion, players need to level up their alchemy skills and use a specific set of ingredients, depending on what effects they want from the potion. For players who don’t want to craft, buying potions with ESO Gold is the best way.

Essence Of Stamina restores the character’s stamina after drinking. This potion can be paired with other effects, such as weapon power and weapon key, etc. If players plan to craft Stamina Essence, it’s best to pair it with other effects to get the most out of each drink, especially in difficult PVE content.

Essence Of Magicka Like Essence Of Stamina, Essence Of Magicka is useful for restoring vital combat resources. Use Essence Of Magicka and the Healer’s magic build to benefit the most, as most healing abilities require magic. So many players who choose a healer will spend ESO Gold to reserve a lot of Essence Of Magicka.

If players need a potion that works regardless of size, then Essence Of Health has it covered. Players can drink one of these to restore their HP in battle, and since health is a universally important resource, they can use it in any build.

Essence Of Spell Power is arguably the strongest potion in ESO as the magic build is powerful in PVE content. This consumable adds additional spell power to player stats, which increases their overall damage. If players want to stay competitive in Elder Scrolls Online’s PVE endgame, then they’ll need Elder Scrolls Online.

These are the most commonly used potions in Elder Scrolls Online. If players need to know more, they can go to IGGM. This is a professional game service provider. Players can buy cheap ESO Gold and get game guides.

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