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Venmo offers a convenient way to manage money and make transactions, and understanding the limits associated with its cards is crucial for maximizing your financial flexibility. Venmo provides two types of cards: the Venmo Debit Card and the Venmo Credit Card. Each card comes with specific limits on transactions such as ATM withdrawals, purchases, and cash withdrawals, which are important to know for effective financial management.

Venmo Debit Card Limits

The Venmo Debit Card, powered by Mastercard, allows you to withdraw cash, make purchases, and manage your money directly from your Venmo balance. Here’s a breakdown of the primary limits for the Venmo Debit Card:

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit: You can withdraw up to $400 per day at ATMs. Note that ATM owners may impose additional fees and lower limits.

Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Limit: The same $400 limit applies to over-the-counter withdrawals at financial institutions.

Daily Spending Limit: The total daily spending limit for the Venmo Debit Card is $3,000, which includes ATM withdrawals, over-the-counter withdrawals, and purchases.

Venmo Credit Card Limits

The Venmo Credit Card offers a different set of limits and is designed to help you build credit while earning rewards on purchases. The limits for the Venmo Credit Card typically include:

Credit Limits: These vary based on your creditworthiness and can change over time. Credit limits are initially assigned at the time of card approval.

Cash Advance Limit: A portion of your total credit line can be used for cash advances, including ATM withdrawals, usually a smaller amount compared to your overall credit limit.

Venmo ATM Limit

Venmo’s ATM limit for both debit and credit cards is set at $400 per day. This limit is in place to help manage the risks associated with cash transactions and to ensure that funds are available for all users.

Increasing Your Venmo Card Limits

To increase your Venmo card limits, particularly for the Venmo Credit Card, you may consider the following steps:

Regular Usage and Timely Payments: Demonstrate responsible card usage by making regular purchases and paying off your balances on time.

Credit Line Increase Requests: After using your Venmo Credit Card for some time, you can request a credit line increase through the Venmo app or by contacting customer support.

Update Your Financial Information: Providing updated information about an increase in income or a more favorable debt-to-income ratio can help you qualify for higher limits.

Venmo Cash Withdrawal Limit

The venmo cash withdrawal limit accounts using the debit card is capped at $400 per day. This includes both ATM and over-the-counter withdrawals, providing users with easy access to cash without compromising security.

Strategies to Maximize Your Venmo Card Usage

Optimize Card Benefits: Take advantage of cash back rewards, special offers, and other benefits associated with the Venmo Credit Card.

Monitor Your Transactions: Regularly check your Venmo app to track your spending and remain within your set limits.

Security Practices: Enable notifications and set up card usage alerts to monitor for unauthorized transactions and keep your account secure.


Understanding and managing your Venmo card limits is essential for optimizing your financial transactions and leveraging the benefits that Venmo offers. Whether you’re using a Venmo Debit Card or Credit Card, being aware of these limits and how you can adjust them ensures a smoother financial experience. Always consider your financial situation and usage habits when managing or requesting adjustments to your limits.

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