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According to the best minds associated with reputed essay help services, an academic assignment can never exist without information from peer-reviewed scientific works. Still, professors often ask students to avoid direct quotes. This is mainly because they want you to comprehend the lessons well.

We think the best way to handle a quotation is to paraphrase it effectively. However, this process is much more challenging than it might seem. Here, we will walk you through certain practical advice that will enable you to paraphrase like a professional. Let's take a look!


Use synonyms

The most common paraphrasing technique is finding synonyms for the keyword in the question. To successfully implement this technique, take note of the important nouns and verbs in the question. Then, figure out which synonyms will be appropriate to replace them.

For instance-  The diagram below shows the process by which bricks are manufactured for the building industry.

Paraphrased example- The diagram below illustrates how bricks are made for the building industry.


Use A Different Word Form

Another brilliant way to paraphrase effectively is to change the form of words used in the question. A close look into forums where you often programming help will help you understand that it's helpful to know how word families work in English to do so successfully. A common way to do this is to change nouns to verbs, verbs to nouns, adjectives to nouns, etc.

Example- The line graph below shows the consumption of four types of meat in a European country from 1980 to 1985.

Paraphrased Example- The line graph below shows how one European country consumed four types of meat from 1980 to 1985.


Change The Sentence Structure

Academic writing can be difficult, especially when it comes to delivering research proposal help. That’s why it is vital not to keep the sentence structure the same. Like, moving an if-clause from starting to end can help when you’re trying to embed the quotation in stylistic patterns.


Change Voice

Using passive voice is fine in scientific writing, but to keep your sentences varied, it is always significant to switch between active and passive. And this switching is an excellent way to paraphrase it remarkably. Active sentences tend to emphasise the subject (who or what does something), while passive sentences tend to emphasise the object (what the subject tends to deal with).


Implement this advice to nail a unique essay and paraphrase a quote effectively. If you still struggle, you can always write my assignment from reputed services.

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