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by on October 18, 2021

Free communication and multi-platform compatibility are the two aspects of a real-time messaging platform. WhatsApp made its entry in February 2009. Used by more than 5 billion people on Android now, it is now the most popular option for doing voice and video calls and sharing emojis, GIFs, and texts. Entrepreneurs can also enter the tech world now by commencing WhatsApp clone app development. 

What are the major features of a platform similar to WhatsApp? 

  • Block option - Faced an uncomfortable or an unpleasant experience on WhatsApp? No worries! Users can block a specific person swiftly. They will no longer get any incoming messages. This facilitates a safe experience. 
  • Disable and enable notifications - No wonder! WhatsApp is the hub for people to share memes, jokes, and news. Undoubtedly, smartphone users will receive tons of updates regularly. Therefore, they can switch on or off their notifications as per their wishes.
  • Group chatting - Users can interact with their near and dear ones swiftly on an app like WhatsApp. They can start video and voice calls across multiple platforms quickly. 
  • End-to-end encryption - Safe interaction is important in the virtual world. A WhatsApp clone will help users to share documents, photos, and videos with the whole world. All the data is end-to-end encrypted and third parties can never read the chats. Only the sender and the receiver can access their messages. 
  • Status Updates - Individuals can keep their colleagues, family members, and friends well-informed. They can tap the WhatsApp status option and share text messages, snaps, and engaging videos to the entire globe. Besides that, they can share the content with all their contacts or just a few ones. 
  • Location sharing mechanism - Accurate sharing of geographical location is possible on a WhatsApp clone. Netizens should switch on the GPS on their smartphones and tap the live location button. Users can choose either individual or group chats for circulating details of their current area. 

 Wrapping Up

 Above all, WhatsApp is still the leader in the digital era as it is used across 180 countries. It is also offering more privacy functionalities such as hiding information about us, last seen, and profile pictures. 

This will lift the credibility of the American-origin app. Entrepreneurs can also make a splash in the Internet world now. They can start WhatsApp clone app development by hiring a professional enterprise.

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