by on October 19, 2021

In the 3.16 expansion of Path of Exile to be released on October 22, the cursed continent of Wraeclast is about to be under siege from a demon army from a parallel timeline. And, naturally, players can also venture into this doomed parallel world to crush demons, so they can use their blood to reforge weapons. And you can collect the loot that these demons drop when they die to strengthen the character’s strength and earn more POE Currency.

As with all seasonal expansions and leagues of Path of Exile, players need to create a new character to meet new NPCs, who are refugees from this parallel, doomed timeline. The survivor entrusted a demon artifact called Blood Crucible to the players, and told them to embed it in the flesh to ensure its safety. Of course, most people will do this, because no one on this continent will back down because of a bad idea. Only those with adventurous spirits dare to face and defeat these terrifying demons.

Crucible allows players to use damaged demonic upgrades to re-forge rare items and be offset by penalties. These cursed objects can go through this process many times, each time re-rolling it with higher-level positive and negative characteristics. Players only need to kill some demons to make it work. After charging the cauldron with overflowing monster blood, the player can press a button to twist to the parallel hell version of your area for a quick rampage. Players only need to defeat them, harvest their corruption and inject it into the equipment they want to upgrade. Perhaps they can also harvest some new currency items in the demon world, allowing them to reconfigure the skill gem slots in their equipment when they use them.

Crucible can also gain experience and level, allowing players to choose from a variety of privileges to change its behavior and have additional motivation to Buy POE Currency. Of course, the alliance has more content, three different demon factions to fight, each faction has its own boss and special loot. The content of Scourge extends well to Path Of Exile’s huge Atlas Of Worlds endgame, which is the other main content of the expansion pack.

The new extension has unlimited charm. Players who are interested in this are best to buy POE Currency in advance, not only to buy powerful weapons and equipment but also to ensure their own safety. I hope they can have fun in Path of Exile Scourge!

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