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by on April 27, 2024

The most common concern of parents today is the safety of their children when security threats are increasing day by day. Not only children but also our homes and offices are prone to such security threats. The need for advanced audio surveillance technology, particularly surround recording, is becoming increasingly severe.
Let’s explore the concept of surround recording, its benefits, how it can change security measures for both official and residential properties, and how surround recording is essential in monitoring apps.

Surround Recording Definition

Surround recording is an advanced audio surveillance solution designed to capture and record sounds from all directions of the device. Surround recording is a tool for advanced and improved security. It uses a device microphone to collect audio data from all directions, providing a complete review of the environment within a specific area.

Benefits of Surround Recording

There are numerous benefits of the surround recording feature. Some of them are:

Complete Exposure:Offers complete exposure to the monitored area by capturing sound near the device, ensuring that no sound is undetected.
Related Understanding: Offer valuable related understandings into incidents in addition to visual proof captured by cameras.
Enhanced Security: Improves security by providing real-time surveillance and complete monitoring.
Improved Awareness: Provides users with enhanced awareness of situations, allowing them to monitor surroundings in real-time and stay informed.
Integration Abilities: Integrated with software or security infrastructure that are already installed, providing more detailed security with real-time monitoring.

Surround Recording with Monitoring Apps

Surround recording is also beneficial in monitoring apps apart from offering audio surveillance in homes and offices. Children in their primary teenage wish to do adventurous things that might cause them physical or mental harm. Parents are continuously worried about their safety and about not getting involved in any wrongdoing or inappropriate conversations. To prevent those unnecessary adventures, parents can use the surround recording feature of monitoring apps to keep an eye on their children. Monitoring apps are designed for parents to reduce their mental burden of worrying about children.

ONEMONITAR is a parental control app that has more than 60 features with 24*7 reliable customer support. This app not only offers surround recording but also a remote capturing feature to take live screenshots from their children’s devices to view what they are currently doing or their whereabouts. ONEMONITAR Surround recording is available for parents to use to get a better understanding of their children’s physical environment and conversation patterns.

Some of the main features of the ONEMONITAR surround recording feature are:

  • Activation of a microphone in the child’s device in one command
  • Real-time listening and monitoring with recording feature
  • Date and time details, along with recordings
  • Better security with a real-time understanding of situations
  • Peace of mind with ONEMONITAR knowing that child is safe


Surround recording offers a powerful solution for improving security in both official and residential settings. This audio surveillance solution provides a better understanding of security measures, situational awareness, and real-time monitoring. It is a proactive step towards protecting homes and offices as threats continue to advance.

Surround recording with monitoring apps is an advanced audio surveillance technology for protecting children. Combining surround recording with monitoring solutions will provide parents with enhanced security, improved understanding of situations near children, and peace of mind knowing that children are safe.

ONEMONITAR is the best parental control app for all types of monitoring needs, as it has more than 60 features. It offers WhatsApp monitoring, GPS location tracking, call recording, remote capture, and more, along with this recording feature. ONEMONITAR customer support is reliable, as you can connect in real-time with our experts on chats, calls, and WhatsApp. You have to visit our official website to learn more about features and other benefits offered with our pricing plans.

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