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They win 4-2. In the last few minutes, Sanluqueoo's desperation draining already tired legs and minds. The Gerena team falls on FUT 22 Coins their backs as the players are celebrating. Some look at their heads, while others stare up at the sky. They know the significance of this game - it will be remembered as one of the most significant 90 minutes of football ever played. It won't be in the record books.

Instead of club colours, each side wears Xsens motion capture suits. Teams are working on laptops in the touchline. Short-range signalling equipment, which tracks players' motion to the millimetre, sit on the stands with the production team, who are studying tablets that display live statistics. A director of animation watches the proceedings on Zoom from thousands of miles away. This is not the result of the most recent technology in coaching or an space-age scouting group.

They are the ones behind FIFA 22. EA motion-captured for the first time a 90-minute live football match. This allowed EA to monitor the players' movements on an extremely fine level. This it could then add to its animation database. 

The game publisher was looking for the most important details, down to the minutiae: from how a full-back plays the ball using their laces, to the way a player's eyes naturally glance over their shoulders prior to receiving a ball. 

Gareth Eaves (senior animation director at EA), led the session via remote. "Ultimately the more realistic approach leads to buy FIFA 22 Coins more enjoyable games." "We had wanted to do this for years but the technology was not yet."

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