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by on March 30, 2022

Make your own sushi at home. Sushi is surprisingly easy to make at home. We'll start with the basics of sushi making, which are sushi rolls. Here is your guide on how to make home sushi.

Sushi California Rolls: How to Make Them

This is the conventional technique to make maki sushi or any type of rolled sushi.

1. Place the bamboo rolling mat on a chopping board with the bamboo strips facing horizontally toward you. Cover the bamboo mat with a strip of plastic wrap. Then, on top of the plastic wrap, add a sheet (or half sheet) of nori.

2. Cover the nori with a thin coating of sushi rice. Use only a small amount of rice. You'll have a feel for how much rice to use after some experience. We're going to distribute around 1 cup of rice per complete sheet of nori, leaving a tiny space at the top edge to seal the roll.

3. Place your ingredients in the center of the nori that has been coated with rice. It's important not to overpack it. If you want the rice to be on the outside of the roll, just flip the nori over and place it rice-side down on the rolling mat. Then, on top of the nori, layer your ingredients.

4. Carefully raise the mat's bottom-up and over the sushi. Form the components into a tube by pressing and shaping them. Apply pressure to the roll to ensure a firm roll.

5. Continue rolling until only an inch of nori is visible at the top. Using a little cold water, seal the nori's edge. Squeeze the meat tightly around the roll until it feels consistently snug. Avoid squeezing the ingredients so hard that they pour out the sides.

6. Cut the sushi roll in two on a cutting board using a sharp knife. Then cut each half into thirds for a total of 6 sushi pieces. Each time you make a slice, moisten the knife with water to create a lovely clean cut.

7. Arrange the sushi slices on platters. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi paste, pickled ginger, and, if desired, a bit of sliced daikon.

Along with sushi, you may also try strawberry jello fluff salad which is light and fluffy, adding a sweet flavor.

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