by on October 20, 2021

Grinding Gear Games revealed the Path of Exile Scourge League in the recent live broadcast, which added a new mechanism. The core gameplay seems to have undergone major changes. With the introduction of new unique items and the streamlining of certain aspects of Path of Exile, the changes introduced in Scourge League should make the progress of the content feel less boring, while providing more endgame content for top players, which means players can earn more POE Currency.

Path of Exile Scourge works like this. First, when players leave Lioneye’s Watch for the first time, they will introduce to an unknown character who hunted down by a seemingly invisible demon. The character will provide the player with a blood crucible, and over time, they will fill it with the blood of monsters killed by the player. When it is full, players can activate the blood cauldron and jump to POE Currency Buy, a parallel reality that seems to be invaded by monsters and demons.

Although jumping to another reality may be a great way to collect items, it is more than just looking for loot. GGG said that players can put items in the blood cauldron and prepare to transform. Changing the item with the Blood Cauldron will corrupt it and add two Scourge modifiers, a beneficial and a harmful modifier. The challenge then becomes to find a combination of modules that will give players a huge energy peak and a harmful effect that may not apply to the build.

However, players do not have to worry about whether these chaotic factors will affect their development. It is true that there may be some fluctuations, but as long as the players’ own characters are strong enough and the resources reserved are enough, the coping ability will definitely be stronger. Therefore, before participating in the Path of Exile Scourge League, players had better buy POE Currency in advance to let their characters take the lead. Come on, combatants!

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