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The Apple Fitness Plus wearable comes with heart rate monitoring, GPS accuracy, and some niche workout modes. Those looking for a fitness cheerleader can find the device worthy. I used this for seven days and tried to give an honest review after using it. The review is honest; thus, you can consider having it or not.

I am a daily exerciser and fitness enthusiast, but I was finding it hard to push myself to fit into the exercises. Apple Fitness plus is excellent for performing various workouts, such as yoga classes, runs, walks, training workouts, meditations, and more.

About Apple Fitness Plus

Apple fitness plus is a perfect fitness program that works with Apple to provide users with 11 different workouts. To use it, you first need to have an iPhone to subscribe. Moreover, you can take your experience to the next level by using it with an Apple watch. This will provide you with more personalized and detailed metrics.

This fitness program includes workouts like strength training, Yoga, cycling, dance, meditation, core, pilates, treadmill running, rowing, and more. As a user, you can handpick workouts day by day, or you can just follow curated programs that are perfectly tailored to your specific goals and themes. In short, it is just like any workout app designed to help users achieve their fitness goals.

NoteIn it, you can see workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes each. New movements and meditations get added on a weekly basis.

Apple Fitness Plus Pricing

This excellent program’s pricing is quite affordable compared to the gym membership or any other class. There are free trials available in it, but once they end, you need to have a subscription to Apple Fitness plus costs almost $10 per month. And the annual subscription is available at $80. At this price, you can find it quite worthwhile. The program gives you more than a thousand quality workouts, and that is too from top instructors.

Apple Fitness Plus: Pros & Cons

By wearing it for 7 days, the things I have discovered are:


  • This fitness program makes you easily fit in a workout anytime. Times workouts convenience is provided to users.
  • It helps you in pushing yourself towards exercise.
  • You get an opportunity to do screen-free home workouts.
  • An extensive collection of more than a thousand workouts within different exercise categories is available.


  • To use it, you need to own Apple products first. (Apple Watch Series 3 or higher is needed).
  • There are some classes for which you require additional equipment, such as weights, a rowing machine, or a treadmill.
  • Fitness plus doesn’t work on MacBook.

Who Can Find Apple Fitness Plus Worth It?

Those with busy schedules or who find it difficult to get to in-person fitness classes can find this fitness program worthy. It is for beginners as well as people who are comfortable with one-on-one instruction. By sticking to Apple fitness plus workouts, you get a chance to build muscles and confidence simultaneously.

So, if you have Apple products in your hand, buying this accompanying device is 100% useful. The convenience and value of workouts this program offers are just out of the world.

Ratings Based on My Experience

Based on Factors Factors Explained Numerical Ranking
Varieties of Workouts Workouts for various interests of people 9
Accessibility Accommodations based on people with different abilities 10
Customer Service Customer services and support are offered all the time. Prompt response for almost all queries.  10
Value Th price of this device is apt for the quality and quantity of classes available. 8
Technicalities Video quality inside this device is high. Both online and offline options are available in it. You can find an app available for enhanced learning. 9

As for me, this fitness worked a lot. The Time to Run feature allowed me to pick up the pace and when I should slow it down. The second feature I am in love with is the Yoga feature. I loved the Yoga flows without a screen offered. Walking is my all-time favorite form of exercise. The time to walk feature in Apple Fitness Plus allowed me to stay present while doing my favorite activity.

The only thing bothering me is that you need to have Apple products actually to use it. I have an Apple watch and use it in conjunction with it. The instructor suggests picking up the pace, and the watch tells precisely how fast I am going. So, if you own Apple products, especially an Apple watch, and you feel you don’t have time, Apple fitness plus can help you squeeze in a workout.

Apple Watch Integration: An Excellent Feature

Apple Watch integration lets you know your heart rate, calories burned, and fitness rings. All of these get displayed straight on the screen. This integration feature has become this fitness program’s most significant selling point.

  • You will receive prompt alerts about your heart rate.
  • The burn bar will compare your performance to other uses of the same weight.
  • Workouts will automatically sync with your Apple watch. It records data in your Fitness app.

Final verdict

Those with a busy schedule can consider Apple Fitness Plus worthy. The app s straightforward and works well while working in conjunction with Apple Watch or iPhone products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Buying Apple Fitness Plus Worth It?

If you are interested in fitness along with an Apple Watch, paying for Apple Fitness plus is worth it. The available workouts and integration with the watch help you motivate to exercise, do yoga, and various other workout sessions.

What All Can I Find in Apple Fitness Plus?

In Apple Fitness Plus, you can find 11 different types of workout types like

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Yoga
  • Core
  • Pilates
  • Strength
  • Treadmill
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Dance
  • Mindful cooldown
  • Video and audio meditations

Can I Find Music Feature in Apple Fitness Plus?

Yes, there is a Listen in Music feature for each workout. This button will take users directly to the playlist of the workout in the music app.


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