by on October 21, 2021

The New World server transfer feature that many players are looking forward to has been postponed until next week. Amazon Game Studios admitted the feature has been delayed again. Amazon’s new world of MMO has been a tremendous success, even Jeff Bezos himself said so. But as a result, the game’s server has been overwhelmed by players. Many players are flocking to explore and buy New World Coins in the game to make themselves outstanding.

Amazon has opened up more servers, but those early adopters, the biggest fans of New World, are currently stuck on crowded servers. Amazon promised to provide players with free server transfer options, initially planned for the first week of October. It was then postponed to last week, and now the team has announced that it will be complete next week. Players have prepared enough New World Coins to explore different areas, but this result is disappointing.

The New World team stated that this is a call to respect the balance between the expected date they told the players and the interruption of peak deployment. The developers have been working hard and working non-stop every day to get the feature up and running, but don’t want to release it around the weekend, because this will cause more problems such as downtime and server balance changes. Although the developers have already said so, many players can only wait. The most important thing now is to buy New World Coins to accumulate your own experience.

Although New World’s current reviews on Steam are mostly positive, it still has many problems, such as complete servers and classic MMO games, such as gold farmers and robot accounts. So players hope this feature can come soon. But remember, players will only get one move for free, it cannot go to another area. Prior to this, players had better prepare enough Amazon New World Coins to face this challenging task easily.

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