by on October 21, 2021

Elder Scrolls Online is a very interesting game but also very complicated, so we do not recommend players to enter the game without preparation. We recommend that novice players start with some basic skills, study these skills in detail and apply them to their games, and then go deep into the details and improve their ESO skills.

Creating a new character does not sound like a job that requires too much effort and thinking. However, in Elder Scrolls Online, things are not so simple. Before creating a character and making the right decision for yourself, it is very important for players to consider all factors at the beginning. Because any changes they want to make in the future require them to pay extra ESO Gold and time.

When changing certain character characteristics, Elder Scrolls Online sets several major limitations. First of all, if players want to change a character's name, race or appearance, they must ESO Gold Buy for it. In addition, players also need to go to the Crown Store to obtain the necessary tokens, which can only be used once. Secondly, the character level cannot be changed, so if the player is not satisfied with the initial choice, they need to create a brand new character, which takes time and money, which is not worth it. In addition, if players want to redistribute skill points and attributes, they must go to the shrine and pay a large amount of ESO Gold for this.

Although this is not an unsolvable problem, it will cause players a lot of trouble during the game and slow down their progress. Therefore, we recommend that players take some time to understand themselves and make the right decision at the beginning so that they can enjoy the game later.

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