by on October 22, 2021

Amazon Game Studios released New World 1.0.3 version, and brought many bug fixes and changes. Perhaps the most significant change is that players can now transfer progress between servers. The developer of the game also rewarded players with some new in-game items through the release of the game to reward their patience. At present, all players will find that the title “The Stoic” has been added as an option that can be equipped. A free “waiting” emoticon has also been added to the game store. Players can prepare enough New World Coins to experience the improved New World.

In this update, the developer implemented the last part of the server transfer framework and added improvements to the world selection UI. Added clearer messages when players are kicked out for AFK or EAC violations. Added clearer information when stacking discounts exist, such as faction discounts for territorial prestige and property taxes. Adjusted the rebirth timers of Boatswain Ambrose and various other elite enemies around the world. In the Abyss, players must now be in the arena to damage Thorpe. When players try to use New World Coins to buy their own items at the trading station, an error message will now appear.

Restored the chest/loot changes in update 1.0.2, which caused too many refined reagents to roll from the treasure chest. Adjusted the volume of the Amazon game startup screen. It limited each piece of armor to 1 skill bonus. General performance improvements for visual artifacts and graphics settings have been added. The dye will now be removed from the item and it will display a warning message when trading. The “Declaration Time” timer is now visually determined when the invasion is about to occur, but has not been scheduled. After the invasion, the territory is still in conflict and can declare war. So most players will buy Amazon New World Coins while they can survive the battle.

Fixed an issue with T4 and T5 azoth staff. Fixed an issue that caused the abandonment of event notifications to persist. Fixed the house UI issue. The user interface will now correctly display that the property tax depends on the full price of the house and is not affected by the first-time buyer discount. Fixed early game generation. A settlement replaced the watchtower spawn point after it was discovered. After choosing to respawn in a settlement, players no longer mistakenly respawn in the watchtower. Fixed various localization issues in the entire game. Before experiencing it, players had better prepare some New World Coins at IGGM. 

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