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Nak Collective Salon


The Collective Program

To be the best at your craft, you need access to premium expertise and an innovative community

This is why we are a Nak Collective salon. We have partnered with NAK haircare to bring our team the best education and to have 1st access to the newest NAK innovations.

Ultimate Treatment Hamlyn Terrace

We are part of a vibrant community of hairdressers supporting each other and taking key insights and learnings from industry leaders.

To learn more about NAK you can visit their website:

 About Company

Thanks for taking the time to meet our talented team of hairdressers. Each stylist has there own instagram page so that you can view an album of their work.We do ask though that you if you want to send us a dm that you send enquiries to our main instagram page @gorgeoushairgorokan , @gorgeoushairbudgewoi or our facebook page so that our beautiful team members can relax when its their day off.It also means we can respond to messages promptly for you, thank you.

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