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Forgot to answer on what I do with my time. If I am being honest here I truly don't understand. Mostly I come online only to OSRS Gold farm exp and pursuit points because I am near reach maxed and pursuit Cape with 380+- quest points. I already have everything I want for pvming. So runescape gameplay right now is dull. Looking for a family busy kind clan with lots of events and individuals actually chilling in discord or even ts. Need some friends. Not looking for a clan having a clan leader going for the huge numbers of clan members.

I believe that the most significant difference is how you see Runescape. Before I'd riches that was my whole goal. I had been just PvM all the time, and every goal I had was"I need to create x amount so I can get better gear/skills." When I play, I have bought everything that's buyable, there are no items I want etc and at first I did not want to play with anymore. I felt I had achieved everything there was (no comp cape since, eww, abilities ) and amassing honestly is not that fun for me personally.

HOWEVER, now I have a lot more enjoyable playing. If I enjoy a boss I can kill it, even if the profit is garbage. If I like a costly ability (I really like herblore) I can do it, and it doesn't even matter when I play efficiently. Wealth on RS is much like prosperity irl. The thing you purchase is time. You don't need to manager your own time so you can afford to purchase or do particular things, you get to spend time doing things you like, regardless of the cost, and that is really very enjoyable.

Existential crisis time, merching makes an absurd quantity of money and I am not interested in rares so that actually lowers the bar for running out of items to get. Not there yet but likely won't take long. Guess I'll go comp and do logs just like everyone else is doing. I feel you. I'm finally planning to max and then self since I've simply purchased everything I really care about and using rares for no other reason than to earn more money I do nothing with almost killed Runescape for me personally.

How good is it? Which are the key differences?

I have not played in a very long time. I quit right after the grand exchange was inserted. I burnt out on it and lost interest. I have a couple questions. Back when I played, you didn't actually require a membership until around level 45 (I believe ), is this still correct? Can this wilderness? If you stop when ge was published, this match is most likely going to feel like a very different game to you.

Btw yes RS3 is more of a pvm game than pvp. Because no one wants to hazard valued items that took them 15 hours to get from a boss so regrettably pvp in this game is dead. If pvp articles or nostalgia is I would recommend OSRS. If however, you are open to the new changes in this sport or if u elaborate lore, updated/modernized gameplay vs the infamous old runescape skill grinds then RS3 is Runescape for you to stay.

If you really enjoy the PVP and the nostalgic feel of the 2007 design Runescape system, I would say go with OSRS. You like the EOC system and if PVM and quests are more important for you, I would say RS3 may be the better choice for you. You may even swap into the legacy system in RS3. Or you may play with both versions from time to time. I swap when I get tired of RS3 and play with OSRS and then I continue playing with RS3, if that gets boring. Individuals who argue to be superior are delusional. They simply waste time but at the close of the day, everyone constantly will have their own preferences and opinions. Do not get sucked into it and just play any variation of Runescape, so that you can decide.

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