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Besides that, let's be fair: 2K will NBA 2K MT acquire backlash regardless. Earning MyTEAM into a literal casino was an instance of how self-aware they are that they could do whatever they want and not face any financial consequences. Think of what YOU'RE saying. Women should be changed in NBA 2K23 to be like men and have equivalent skills?? You think that is fine? WNBA players are somewhat slower and poorer than regular NBA players, and that is okay.

Sure, I really don't see why it isn't okay. It's a video game. I really don't see how desired them to be included rather than be restricted makes me sexist. Again, the problem is with the men and women who think it isn't okay. Maybe they're the ones who have to change their attitude and become more accepting of change. It is like the most current one as well battle. Females have been in a world war setting, it generated so much backlash (I really didn't give a shit about that btw). Love the addition of wnba in 2k and my livelihood, I just don't want them to destroy NBA 2K23 with what they did to live.

That's kind of comparing apples to apples. Battlefield had at that point been known for its roots in historical accuracy. Not saying that there was anything wrong with females being in NBA 2K23 either, but I also understand and believe it made sense where folks were coming out of. In 2K, people are complaining about being able to use a female at a NBA 2K23 game style where, as somebody else eloquently put it, Hugo the Hornet is drilling threes from half an hour in an 80% clip with a hand in his face since it diverts from realism and breaks his or her immersion. I seriously don't care, I think it will be cool, it's up to 2K to implement it properly because if not it could ruin NBA 2K23. At the end of Buy NBA 2K MT the day tho I really don't care, only a tiny little cool thing to have you understand. I just don't want some backlash from hags.


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