by on April 18, 2022

When you have decided to go for a logo design for your business, it is also good to learn more about the logo types. Although your logo designer will help to choose the right type for your business logo design, having a general knowledge of what you will get is also recommended. When you are first starting your business, you are a new brand in the market and having just the initials is not recommended at this stage, hence you need to choose a Wordmark type of logo that it would be easier for your audience to recognise and easily remember you. Good examples of Wordmark logos are Google, Coca Cola. In wordmark logos, the name itself is catchy and impressive. Lettermark logos are brand initials, famous businesses use lettermark type of logo for simplicity, examples are IBM, HBO etc. Know more about business logo design by Subraa by visiting www.subraa.com

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