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A New World player reached the level limit without joining a faction, sparking a debate about what should be done for players without faction. Since its successful launch, New World’s popularity has been incredible, and while some players have complained about the limitations of the game, others are looking for ways to take advantage of them, or at least make encountering them fun. Many players buy New World Coins to upgrade themselves quickly, and an indecisive player recently upgraded himself to level 60, which is the current level limit of New World, but has never joined any faction. This seems to have had some quite important effects on their game process.

Redditor TheBrotado shared screenshots of their resume, showing the names of their characters, their titles as Exalted Elder, and their grayed-out resumes. The biography requires TheBrotado not to join one of the three factions of the New World in order to continue their story, which shows that they do not have any faction. A user said that the New World faction can be compared with the Fallout series' Brotherhood of Steel research division, combat division, and religious division, which may explain why some players are upset about militarism and religious fanaticism. However, TheBrotado did observe that they decided not to contact the game's factions, which prevented them from obtaining Azoth Staff, which could only be obtained through main missions that they could not unlock. Players can also get New World Coins in the mission.

TheBrotado joked that their indecision stems from the inability to choose between green, yellow and purple, and said that they are waiting for a blue-themed faction to appear. In fact, as long as players buy New World Coins, whether they join a faction or not, their game will be easier. Another user added that they wanted neutrality to be an effective option with their own storyline, but was disappointed. Being neutral will actually prevent access to future missions and New World's PvP system. The third user expressed his desire to see neutral players become mercenaries and temporarily cooperate with any faction, which allows them to participate in PvP and advance the main story mission.

It seems that many other New World fans sympathize with neutral players and are considering ways to involve them in the parts of the game they currently miss. One possibility is that New World lets the guild decide the faction instead of letting individual players decide. If they don't like the way things work, this may allow the entire guild to jump from the faction immediately. It can also allow for more dynamic, player-driven factions. In any case, Buy Amazon New World Coins can enable players to upgrade quickly. 

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