by on January 4, 2023

Even though we're done with NBA 2K MT covering the Jumpshots in NBA 2K23. there are some other things you need to take care of. In order to take your jump shots to the higher level, it is necessary to adjust the settings on your controller. Additionally it is essential to know the best shooting Badges to use for your jump shots.

Before you go out on the court to practice your jump shots in NBA 2K23. there is another aspect you should keep in mind. The Jump shots in the game can be significantly affected by the settings for your controller. There are several settings that you need to make adjustments before you hand out those 3-pointers from NBA 2K23.

To do that, first, start up an application on your gaming console. After that, go to the 'Features' tab and select the option 'Controller Settings'. If you scroll down, you'll notice a feature called 'Shot Timing Release Time'.This particular feature could change the way you shooting jumps within NBA 2K23. A majority of players do not make good shots because of Buy NBA 2K MT their timing. But, with just small changes to your settings as well as some of the Best Jumpshots, you will notice a significant increase in your shoots.

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